Tanzania Destinations

Tanzania Destinations

Tanzania is an East African country well known for its diverse beauty. From the untamed game view in the national parks of the country to mesmerizing beaches, everything is just spectacular.

The country offers various destinations including 16 national parks, volcanic peaks like Kilimanjaro and the finest beaches of Zanzibar. It’s a major holiday destination for wildlife lovers.

Witnessing African Big Five in Tanzania can be an overwhelming experience. Also, you can witness some of the endangered species of birds and animals in the national parks. No matter if you are looking for biodiversity wonder or nature’s magic, the country offers both.

Just take a camera with you and you are all set for capturing some stunning moment in your memory album. Take some candid shots in the garden of God, Kitulo national park as well some big cats in action in Serengeti.

Here a glimpse of destinations to explore during your Tanzania Safari trip;

Serengeti National Park; the land that runs forever...

Explore stunning views of sun set, dusty roads, golden dry grass land, and African Big Five.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area; 7th natural wonder of Africa...

Witnessing the untamed game view with iconic landscape and breath taking views of nature

Tarangire National Park; the elephant’s playground...

Having the highest elephant concentration of the continent, it is one of stunning place to explore in Tanzania.

Arusha National Park; if you can’t climb it, drink it...

Covering the foothill of Mt. Meru, the national park is small yet mesmerizing. If you can’t climb the mountain to enjoy its view, you can take a trip to its foothill to discover the mountainous feel while exploring Arusha National Park.

Lake Manyara National Park; birder’s paradise...

Covered mostly by the alkaline Manyara Lake, the national park is world’s attraction for spotting pink flocks of Flamingos

Mikumi National Park; meet the largest antelope of the world...

The national park is the 4th largest national park in the country. Meet a decent population of Elands, which are the largest antelopes in the world.

Kilimanjaro National Park; stand in the highest point of Africa...

Covering the highest peak of Africa, The Mount Kilimanjaro, this national park will take you through a true adventure of life.

Mahale Mountain National Park; the only place where chimpanzees and lions co-exist...

The national park is world-famous for its chimpanzee population. It’s a great place to track chimpanzees and lions.

Gombe National Park; paradise of chimp’s trackers...

Meet the species that are known to be the intelligent animal species sharing 98% human DNA. The national park got famous worldwide due to the research of Jane Goodall on the chimpanzees.

Katavi National Park; explore the 3rd largest national park of Tanzania...

One of the iconic national parks created in 1974 and is located in Katavi Region is one of the remotest national parks of the country giving an exclusive safari feeling.

Mkomazi National Park; a magnificent and remote game reserve...

Explore the mesmerizing slopes of the spectacular Usambara and Pare Eastern Arc Mountain Ranges that ads spice to the Natioanl Park’s beauty.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park; explore mountain, water fall, and wildlife all together...

The national park bordered by the Great Ruaha River is an iconic place of the country to enjoy some scenic view and tranquil moments.

Saadani National Park; where the beach meets the bush...

Saadani is the only place in the country where the shorelines the Indian Ocean is combined with a wildlife sanctuary.

Ruaha National Park; the second largest national park of Tanzania...

Explore the highest lion concentration in the national park. The national park holds 10% of the lion population of the world.

Selous Game Reserve; the largest game reserve of the country...

Meet crocodiles, hippos, and many lions, East African wild dog, Cape buffaloes, Masai giraffe, Plains zebra and more in this iconic game reserve.

Serengeti National Park Serengeti National Park
Ngorongoro Conservation Area Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Tarangire National Park Tarangire National Park
Arusha National Park Arusha National Park
Lake Manyara National Park Lake Manyara National Park
Mikumi National Park Mikumi National Park
Kilimanjaro National Park Kilimanjaro National Park
Mahale Mountain National Park Mahale Mountain National Park
Gombe Stream National Park Gombe Stream National Park
Katavi National Park Katavi National Park
Mkomazi National Park Mkomazi National Park
Udzungwa Mountain National Park Udzungwa Mountain National Park
Saadani National Park Saadani National Park
Ruaha National Park Ruaha National Park
Selous Game Reserve Selous Game Reserve

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