Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

1. Credit & payments

All reservations must be made and confirmed in writing by e-mail.

You will receive a quote from us for your personalized/customized safaris. Upon acceptance of this quote by you, Great Migration Safaris Ltd will claim a non-refundable deposit of 30% upon confirmation of the safari in order to confirm the safari, and the full payment need to be received 45 days prior to arrival. If the full and final payment has not been received within 45 days before the departure date of the safari, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. We also reserve the right to increase the amount of the deposit above 30%, if third parties (suppliers) ask a bigger amount. Please note that we can keep a unconfirmed reservation only for a limited time.

2. Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations or rescheduled confirmed safari will be effective upon receipt of written notice, by email. The deposit will not be returned. In case of a rescheduled confirmed safari, you will be immediately liable for a percentage of the total safari at the following rates:Upon booking confirmation: 30% non-reimbursable16-30 days before d-day: 50% non-reimbursable6-15 days before d-day: 75% non-reimbursable0-5 days before d-day: 100% non-reimbursable.

3. Disclaimer for local services

In case of cancellation, change or delay caused by a third party site (including, among others, flights, transfers, accommodation), Great Migration Safaris Ltd will do whatever possible to help customers to ensure the necessary adjustments to minimize changes to the itinerary and the conduct of the safari.

However, it is understood that any additional costs Great Migration Safaris Ltd is liable for this purpose will be charged directly to the customer or agent. This is true for any connection failure, the delivery of lost luggage or any request to change the route after the departure of the safari. We strongly recommend customers subscribe to an insurance against such risks.

Great Migration Safaris Ltdwill not be liable for any arrangements made directly by the customer or his agent, involving a service provider either, apart from booking with Great Migration Safaris Ltd. We reserve the right to pass any costs, including administrative costs, if we would have to make arrangements for these bookings. All these additional costs will be charged to the customer, which will cover them out directly to the supplier at the time of booking, unless a written agreement has been received and approved by Great Migration Safaris Ltd from the agent stating that the agent is responsible for the payment of all costs

Great Migration Safaris Ltd will make every effort to help the customer and will inform as soon as possible in case of such change(s). We cannot formally commit ourselves to do so. In the event an agent has not given us proper warning in advance, it will be the liability of customer to assume any additional costs at the time of booking.

4. Refunds

Although the company makes every effort to provide accommodation advertised, it cannot be held liable and will not be held responsible for a refund if a tour or accommodation is not available or if the client cannot use the service provided. Great Migration Safaris Ltd will carry due diligence to adapt itself to the change in the situation, and provide clients with a suitable alternative, but it will not do reimbursement automatically.

5. Luggage

The luggage allowance is limited to 15kg (33lb) and passengers can only embark with a soft bag. Weight restrictions and types of luggage are applied very strictly to domestic flights in Tanzania and regional flights within East Africa. These limitations include hand bags.

6. Risks

Great Migration Safaris Ltd specifically draws attention to the fact that some risks are inherent to participation in the type of safari/climbing sold and managed by the company. By the payment or partial amount of the safari, the client and/or the agency fully accept these risks and are fully responsible for any accident, illness or death occurring during the course of the safari/climb. The company, and/or its employees, and/or its suppliers and/or agents shall not be held responsible for accident(s), illness or death occurred during the course of the safari/climb, regardless if the accident, illness or death is due to negligence on the part of the company, and/or its employees and/or suppliers. RegardingClimb and trek in Tanzania, clients are aware of the extra risk of those activities; harsh environment, altitude and wildlife can present and can cause an extra risk and hazard for clients’ health and security

Great Migration Safaris Ltd will not accept any liability for loss or theft of personal belongings during the clients’ stay at the lodge or camp during their trip, as part of services provided by Great Migration Safaris Ltd or any service booked by Great Migration Safaris Ltd, even if run by an outside vendor.

Customers are actively encouraged to subscribe an insurance against theft or loss of personal belongings during the course of the safari/climb. Insurance to cover emergency medical evacuation and subscribed with AMREF (The Flying Doctors Society) or similar one is required as part of any safari/Kilimanjaro climb booked with Great Migration Safaris Ltd. If this insurance is not purchased through Great Migration Safaris, the booking agent will be responsible and must confirm that participants are indeed covered, by providing proof to Great Migration Safaris Ltd of all necessary details for each client before the start of safari or climb.

In the event that an agent cannot provide emergency medical evacuation insurance for its clients, an evacuation become necessary could be delayed while the formalities of confirmation and payment is made, representing supplemental health risks.

While Great Migration Safaris Ltd will make every effort to assist customers in case of medical emergencies, we do not operate a medical facility and are not equipped to provide precise diagnostic, treatment or medical advice to clients. Great Migration Safaris Ltd will not be liable, nor held responsible for any medical costs resulting from medical treatment and/or medical evacuation to the clients of our safari/climb. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for any medical complications that may arise from any delay in the organization or execution of an emergency medical evacuation, and/or providing first responder medical assistance.

7. Travel documents and health

The customer is responsible to ensure that passports, visas, travel documents, health certificates, vaccinations andother documents or procedures are in order as part of the trip. The company, its agents and its employees shall not be held responsible for any breach by you or by customers in relation to these administrative and/or health.It is also the customer or agent to obtain appropriate medical advice before departure and to assess whether the client is physically able to participate in the planned program. A cancellation fee will be charged if a confirmed safari would be canceled for reasons of this kind.

8. Force Majeure

A) "Force Majeure", in the case of the company, means any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the company (including, among others, war or threat of war, sabotage, civil disturbance, requisition, acts of God, fire, accident, flood, explosion, health, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, quarantine, government intervention order, weather or other unforeseen circumstances).

B) If a force majeure affecting the company, it will do everything possible to warn or inform the customer in the shortest possible time, the nature and extent of this case.

C) The company will not be liable or deemed to have failed to meet its commitments in case of delays or cancellations of its services due to force majeure. It will be held to any refund.

D) If the company would be affected by a force majeure, it will have the right to judge, in its sole and absolute discretion, whether to modify or cancel service in the safari. The payment of compensation by the company of non delivery of any of its obligations will be at its absolute and sole discretion, although the company will use its common sense to provide such reimbursement as long as possible. However, the company will be entitled to deduct from any refund the reasonable costs incurred by potential and actual company following the force majeure.

E) With respect to civil unrest, after evaluating the extent of these, the company will decide in a sovereign manner if the safari takes place. You will be entitled, in such cases, to cancel the trip.

However, if after estimating the situation adequately, the company estimates that the trip can take place, it will be required to refund and conditions relating to refunds and cancellations will apply.

9. Additional costs

Although the company expressed the hope of not having to charge extra costs, it reserves the right to do so if it would be additional costs imposed by his agents or suppliers or due to fluctuations in exchange rates, to imposition of new government taxes or changes in entrance fees to national parks, national reserves, conservation areas or community reserves. The company shall notify in writing diligently about any additional costs arising. These additional costs will apply to all safari/climb already confirmed and invoices.

10. Photography

The company reserves the right to use any image, video made by its employees without asking permission, without compensation of any kind, for the marketing of its products and services.

11. Airlines

The services provided by air carriers are subject to the rules of these memes as international conventions on the matter. The company has no control over these services and will not accept any liability in the event of cancellations or delays resulting from operational decisions taken by the airlines. All flights are carried out by independent airlines are fully responsible for all matters relating to the services provided air.

12. Prints

All safaris and climbs are described accurately at the time of printing. Great Migration Safaris Ltdcannot be held responsible for any changes or inaccuracies that may occur later.

13. Legal issues

This contract is subject to the laws of Tanzania regardless of where it was concluded. Any litigation/legal action will take place before a court of Tanzania.

14. Agreement

Please note that when you book travel services organized by the company or its agent, you agree to a contract between you and the company. It is understood that all terms and all conditions have been understood by you as they appear in all documents of the company. The agent is responsible for ensuring complete knowledge of our latest Terms and Conditions.

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