Annual Migration

Annual Migration

The annual migration occurred each year where almost two million wildebeest, wildebeest and zebras migrate from Serengeti to Kenya at Masai Mara in search of lush grazing grounds and life-giving water. This is surely one of the greatest wonders of a natural world and it’s a great spectacle of nature is an iconic safari option for avid travelers, nature lovers and those who want a little more from their African experience. This treacherous odyssey is dictated by the seasons and where the rains are, the wildebeest are not far behind.

You can see the great migration in Tanzania all year around as they travel in a circular in Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Conservation Area / Ndutu. The best time to witness great migration in between July – October when they are in northern part of Serengeti near Masai Mara River where you will have a chance to observe thousands of herds crossing the Mara River for fetching food for their health.

December – March – the herds are normally located in southern area of the Serengeti to Ndutu in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. In February according to weather condition is when they are giving birth in south / Ndutu area and this action is normally called “calving season”.

Other months of the year like November, April, May and June they migrate in between different locations rely on rainy season so you may find them in Lobo area (northern part of Serengeti) central Serengeti also Western part of Serengeti.

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