Kilimanjaro Weather

Kilimanjaro Weather

In dry season the weather is slightlypredictable and less adjustable. The rainfall is uncommon while the sky is clear, making these months perfect for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The temperature in the peak area varies between - 5 C and - 10 C. The summit zone isn't secured with snow and additional equipment isn't essential. Generally speaking, dry season climbing is not so much difficult but rather more affable.

In rain season it is possible to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro lasting through the year and however the rain season requires some additional activities. You should take additional arrangements of warm clothing, T-shirts and socks. Rainfalls are perhaps going to occur. The summit region is secured with snow and ice, making it important to take the gaiters and micro spikes. For more information regarding day to day Kilimanjaro climate condition we will advise our clients to visit the following link:

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