Kilimanjaro Tipping

Kilimanjaro Tipping

Standard climbing tipping is as follows:

Guide: US $ 25 – US $ 30 per day
Assistant guide & Cook: US $ 15 – US $ 20 per day
Porters: US $ 08 – US $ 12 per porter per day

The ratio is 1:3 (means one client should have 3 porters or more if needed to do so) Hikers should be recognize their team on first day when they meet during pre – climb briefing and make sure that they are the only one serving them always and by doing so it will be easier to prepare the amount of tips earlier. We advise you to call your crew in your first campsite / hut to make sure that you have the number promised when doing the reservation. You can as welltake names of all crew from guides to porters which will be useful on your final day when you distribute the tips and we highly recommend to be done upon arrival in your hotel in Arusha.

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