Kilimanjaro Health

Kilimanjaro Health

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro is a physical undertaking, so you should get prepared yourself accordingly with more exercise prior also being in good shape is important in many aspects. Apparently, strong legs will help you to walk in uphill and downhill for sustained periods of time whereas aerobic fitness allows the body to function efficiently with less oxygen. A fit body is more likely to resist the stress of following days of hiking.

The best training for an Mt Kilimanjaro climb is walking also running sometimes in order to be fit enough during the ascending because the more you go up is the more the journey become a bit tough. During exerciseput on the boots that you will be using on the climb, particularly if they are new. Also before committed yourself to attempt the climbing, contact your medical officer and check your health generally to see if you are physically fit to avoid the failure of reaching to summit.

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