Kilimanjaro Food

Kilimanjaro Food

Normally we provide breakfast, lunch / lunch boxes and dinner during trekking, prepared by a team of well-trained chef who can cook something that will be suitable for his guests. Below is a sample of menu but we it also change day by day depending on the weather on mountain.

Breakfast :

  • Tea, coffee or hot chocolate
  • Toasted bread, biscuits, honey, peanut butter and fruits jam.
  • Eggs, sausages and bacon for those who are not allergic to them
  • Porridge or pancakes
  • Fresh fruits like mangoes, oranges, pineapples, avocados, bananas etc.

Lunch / lunch boxes :

  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Vegetable soup (when hot lunch served)
  • Bread rolls
  • Rice, chapatti, green beans served with chicken curry
  • Fresh salad
  • Evening snacks: Biscuits, popcorn, nuts or cookies

Dinner :

  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate
  • Vegetable soup
  • Bread rolls
  • Spaghetti / mash potatoes with meat sauce
  • Fresh vegetables

You may also bring some extra comfortfoods, such as candy, gum, chocolate, health bars or powdered energy drinks.

We can accommodate vegetarian and all those who have special dietary, what you need to do is to mention your requirement prior your arrival so that we can make the preparation.

We provide water from mountain streams and treated with water purification tablets, it’sdelivered at the campsites only so you are advised to carry enough water that will be utilized during the hiking like 3 litres or above per person.

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