Kilimanjaro Faqs

Kilimanjaro Faqs

Q. How many bags can I bring on the trek?

During the trek you are allowed to bring one soft-sided duffle bag (no wheels, no frames) and 1 day-pack weighing no more than 33lbs each.

Your duffle bag will be carried by the camp porter. If your duffle bag exceeds 33lbs, Park regulations require you to hire a personal porter to carry the overage. You will carry your daypack with water and essentials (typically weighing 10-15lbs).

Q. Does the weight of my rental gear count towards the 33lbs duffle bag allowance?

Yes. You have to include those rental gears in 33lbs at the time you pack your duffle bag at home.

Q. When do I receive my rental gear: What if an item doesn’t fit?

Pre-arranged rental gear will be distributed at the trek briefing at the hotel. It is imperative that you try on or test each rental item to ensure proper fit and good condition. The trek briefing will be your LAST opportunity to exchange or add rental gear.

Q. Am I able to do laundry at any point?

There will not be any chance to do laundry on Mount Kilimanjaro trek. Those who add Safari extension will be able to do laundry for a fee. It is best to request laundry when you are staying two nights in one location.

Q. How much should I budget for my trip?

This is a personal decision based on your needs. You will need to budget for tips, beverages (other than bottled water), souvenirs and emergency funds. Please note that ATMs are not readily available, when available, they dispense money in Tanzanian shillings, which cannot be changed back into dollars.

Q. Will I be able to store bags while on my trek?

Yes, you may store extra bags at the office, hotels in Arusha or hotels in Moshi.

Q. Do I really need four, one-liter water bottle while on the trek?

Yes, it is better to bring Nalgene water bottle.

Q. Am I responsible for keeping my gear dry?

Yes, bring enough trash bags to keep your gears dry.

Q. Will I have access to e-mail and phones?

Some cell phones work in Tanzania and on Kilimanjaro. Check with your cell phone provider and also consider renting a satellite phone.

Q. How do I charge my Camera batteries on the mountain? Trek?

You have to bring enough batteries (extra) for the camera. You can’t charge you are batteries while on the trek.

Q. Do you accept credit cards for final payment?

No. We require Wire Transfer.

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