Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is when the body is not adapting fast enough to the reduced level of oxygen in the air, at an increased height. There are many different symptoms of altitude sickness, but most common one is headache, vomiting and occasionally loose of appetite. These mild forms are not serious and may disappear quickly or certainly when you descend at the end of your climb.

The guides are well trained and very experienced in retrievingthe symptoms and will ensure safeness when that situation occurred. If you do not feel well during the trekking or you find out that one of the other climbers is unwell, please always inform the guide(s). All required is encouragement conversation or take some pain killers to reduce pain if it becomes worse and if the case be more serious, the guide will organize for you to descend as this is the only way to treat severe altitude sickness.

There is no way of guaranteeing you that you will not suffer from altitude sickness though there are 3 unique rules, which may applicable when this happen:

1. Walk slowly – this allows your body to regain energy and our guides are particularly slow-paced, that is why we have such a high success rate of making it to summit.

2. Drinks plenty of water, 3 – 4liters per day or more depending on how you feel.

3. Give yourself the most amount of days to spend on the mountain at least from 6 days – 09 days depending with the selected route.

There is a medication called Diamox, which is an altitude prevention medication. It works by acidifying the blood, which stimulates breathing and therefore allowing a greater amount of oxygen to enter into the bloodstream. We have seen a higher success rate from clients who are taking this however you need to speak to your doctor before traveling because in most countries, this is a prescription medication and you will need to discuss whether it’s suitable for you or not.

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