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Reasons why Tanzania is considered as the perfect safari destination in Africa

  • By Great Migration Safaris
  • December, 2019
Best safari Destinations in Africa

Africa has its magic even a wise man can’t understand it, but respect it...

Tanzania”, the name is enough to run down a chill on the spine of the adventure and wildlife lovers. Unarguably this is the safari heart of Africa and has the capability of making you fall in love at first glance. Just breathing in the air of Tanzania, and walking on the soil of the country can turn you into a story-teller.

There is not one reason why we call Tanzania as the safari heart of Africa, the reasons are countless. From the sunrise to sunset, the stunning flora life to astonishing wilderness, from the iconic water spots to the birdlife of the country, there is something truly amazing. These are some reasons that make Tanzania the Best safari destination in the whole African Continent.

There are millions of travelers who are fascinated just by the name of Tanzania Safari and dreaming about visiting the place once-in-lifetime. Blessed with natural wonders Tanzania Destinations are capable of taking your breath away.

However, we can never present the reason why the country is counted as the best destination for the safari, in words;

Here we have tried to craft some of its best highlights :

Find the rich Wildlife Action in Best National parks

Rich wildlife in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that seems designed by god’s hand. The country is home to many stunning game reserves, concessions, and aquatic reserves. These are breeding stunning wilderness and birdlife too. The country is home to 16 national parks and game reserves that have covered the 3 circuits of the country.

Among the stunning soda lakes and confining volcanic peaks, these natural heavens are a homeland to diverse wildlife. Meeting these wild lives in their natural habitat can be truly an amazing experience. A trip to Northern Tanzania will take you through the top desired national parks like Serengeti plains, Arusha National Park covering Mt. Meru’s foothills, Tarangire, and many more. Visit the Southern circuit for large, scenic, and remote spots like Selous game reserve as well as don’t miss to meet the primate world in the western national parks like Gombe Stream National Parks.   

Scenic Landscapes & topography

scenic landscapes of Tanzania

Tanzania is a country of rich culture, heritage, and scenic views. The national parks are not lesser than any heaven on earth. The scenic landscape of the country is enough to make your soul fill in energy and peace. That is the reason why nature lovers consider it as a heaven. The country is bordered by some other scenic countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique. It witnesses every year around 900,000 visitors.

The views of national parks are scenic, where the rivers and lakes along with hot springs add more spice to the beauty of Tanzania. Many visitors who plan for a Tanzania Safari, thinking to meet only wildlife, end up falling for its scenic view too. The beaches and savannah plain; the mountain forest and diversified flower species; the lakes and swamps, you can find it all. The blue sky seems bluer and the grasses seem greener in a touch of nature. The country is not only the Best safari destination but also comes with breathtaking beauty. 

You will see more Numbers of lions & elephant than any other country

Lion and Elephant

The two majestic animals dominate the national parks of the country; the Elephants & the Lions. Both are the top notched animals of African bushes and are the member of Africa’s big five family. Well, there are many travelers come to Tanzania only to meet the Big Five.

Explore Serengeti in Northern Tanzania, where you will meet the highest lion concentration. The rolling plains of savannah in Serengeti are the perfect place for the lions to live. The Serengeti ecosystem is home to more than 3,000 lions which is probably the highest number in the whole African Continent. Apart from Serengeti, you can meet a large concentration of lions in Ruaha National Park, Mikumi, and some other national parks of Tanzania. Tanzania is the country where the highest lion population of the world is living.

Elephants are another species of mammals that attracts travelers too. This majestic animal is the biggest and the most intelligent animal on earth. They are considered to have an intense memory. If elephants travel one path, then they will tend to remember it even after 30-40 years. Tarangire National Park is the most adaptable place for watching large herds of elephants. Approximately 2,500 elephants are living in Tarangire, as well the other national parks hold a decent amount of elephants too. 

Climbing the Roof of Africa

mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro; sitting at the elevation of 5,895m from the sea level. The mountain is the highest free-standing peak in the world as well proudly carries the title of “Roof of Africa”. This breathtaking mountain is driving thousands of trekkers crazy worldwide. Out of them every year 30,000 adventure lovers try to scale the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.  

The country is blessed with many scenic volcanic peaks, but Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be something truly iconic. The mountain traverse through 5 different climatic zones to its top;

  • The cultivation zone
  • The rainforest zone
  • The heath-moorland zone
  • The desert zone
  • The arctic zone

The 5 scenic zones, the wilderness, the iconic glaciers, the stunning sunrise views make Kilimanjaro trekking one of its kind. Achieving the peak of the mountain is a dream and conquering it is a milestone to touch.

 The largest Caldera on earth- Ngorongoro crater

The Ngorongoro Crater, the most famous spot in Tanzania. The carter area is world-famous for its scenic view, the largest concentration of wildlife, and the largest natural caldera. The carter area is the only place where human and wildlife is still living side-by-side creating a great bond. You can see the Maasai singing and dancing a few meters away from grazing zebras.

The area spans across 8,292 km² of highland plains, savannahs, woodland, and forest land. The large animal concentration, presence of big five, and the stunning view mesmerize its visitors. However, the prime attraction of the area is the large volcano crater.

The carter is the result of a great volcano explosion; after it got collapsed the natural carter was created. It is believed that the explosion occurred around 3 million years ago. The carter is the largest unbroken natural carter existing on earth. The crater is 610m deep and it covers 260 square kilometers of land.

The mesmerizing views, wilderness, combination of rich culture with wildlife, and the natural caldera make it an iconic place of the continent. Due to its breath-taking combination, the area receives around 60% of the visitors that are coming to Tanzania every year.  

The Great Migration: biggest Wildlife spectacle

great wildebeest migration

The Great Migration or more well known as The Great Wildebeest Migration as there are 1.5 million wildebeest takes part in the migration followed by large herds of other antelopes. The migration is a stunning event that takes place in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and moves to Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve area.

Towards the end of the rainy season, around mid-May or beginning of June, there are large herds of antelopes march in search of food and water towards the Masai Mara region. The migration includes around 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,000 zebras, and other antelopes participate. The incredible journey goes through various stages. The predators of the Serengeti ecosystem follow the herd as it is a great opportunity for them to hunt too.   

This spectacular show has made Serengeti famous worldwide. There are many nature enthusiast and travelers get amazed by this journey. There are thousands of travelers who book their Tanzania Safari especially to witness this amazing view.

Incredible beach holiday option

Zanzibar island

Beach Holidays fascinate many, and after a safari or trekking expedition spending, some relaxing beach moments can be truly amazing. Explore some breath-taking fairytale sandy beaches in Zanzibar.

Officially known as Unguja, Zanzibar Archipelago holds many small islands. This semi-autonomous area and the collective islands are not only breath-taking for eyes but also a Zanzibar Beach Holiday offers various activities.

Strolling in a stone town exploring its age-old architecture, museums & mosques, as well as doing some shopping in the local shops can be exciting. Also, exploring some mouth-watering local food at the Foordhani garden in the evening, meeting some huge turtles in Changuu Island, and just roaming in the beaches barefoot is something like a dream.   

Destinations for every purpose

No matter you are looking for a family holiday destination or some private moments on your honeymoon trip, a lone wanderer, or traveling with a friend group Tanzania can be a  be suitable for you. The country is filled with so many wonders that can entertain all types of travelers.

While planning a family holiday trip, you can be sure your kids are not going to enjoy the holiday only but also it can be a learning session for them. While meeting the animals they are watching in their textbooks and discovery or national geographic channels live can be spectacular for them.

For those who are looking for spending some truly isolated and private moments during their honeymoon, there can’t be any perfect corner on earth other than Tanzania. Explore some adventures holding your partner's hand, enjoy a relaxing moment in the luxurious tents, enjoy some alone moments in the romantic set-up for dinners below the open sky, and more during your honeymoon safari.

Tanzania is also enjoyable for those who are traveling in a group as well its very safe for solo travelers. You can also attempt some very adventurous activities with your friend's group as well as create some memories with your friends.

Various safari options

Safari is not only about sitting in a safari vehicle and witnessing the animals, rather a Tanzania Safari is open to various activities. You can enjoy various types of safari in style, luxury, comfort, as well as being adventurous, and authentically.

Opt for a 4X4 safari vehicle, sit inside and capture the view of wild animals in their natural habitat conveniently. You can also choose an authentic style safari; that is walking safari. It was used to be the only way of going for an African safari previously. However, there are restricted places for going for a walking safari.

If you are someone who has less time and looking for taking an incredible view of the national parks of the country, then flying safari would be a great option. You can take Hot Air Balloon Safari during your visit too.  

A safari option for all year round

safari in Tanzania

There are many travelers believes that Tanzania Safari is best during the dry season of the country only. However, we don’t believe so. At Great Migration Safaris, we have been arranging trips throughout the year. The country has its charm in all seasons.

While Tanzania is great during the dry season (June to October) for better animal spotting in the national parks, the wet season of Tanzania offers a great birding trip as well as a lush view. The rainy season of the country continues from March to May as well as December to February offers a great opportunity for witnessing the calving of wildebeest during the migration.

So, there is no best or bad time for planning a Tanzania Safari, the country is accessible all year round. The wet season welcomes a lot of budget travelers as there are many national parks and accommodations lower their prices. 

The list is however never-ending, but here are a few best elements why Tanzania is known as the Safari heart of Africa. Plan your Tanzania Safari with and enjoy the Best Safari Country with its real authenticity.


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