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Things To Consider While Going On A Safari In Africa

  • By Great Migration Safaris
  • February, 2020

The greatest Safaris to disconnect from rest of the world, with a lot of game reserves to choose from, witnessing the highest altitude level of world’s highest free standing Mountain, experiencing the wilderness and beautiful landscapes of National Parks. These are things which Africa would like to offer you at its best. Here every game drive is different; if you are thinking to skip one in the morning then you are missing something wonderful. You will never see the same thing in your next game drive.

So, let’s see what to consider while going on a Safari in Africa:

Choosing The Country

One of the main things to consider while going on a Safari in Africa is the country. You should always choose a country with more National Parks and special wildlife attraction with bird watching too. The number of National parks describes the countries attraction and popularity for Safari. Check if the country offers Safari camp in the wilderness with a professional guide and has taken safety measures in the safari camps. As per the research we are considering Tanzania as one of the best Safari destination in the world and best bird watching destination over the planet. Because, Tanzania offers you a variety of National Parks like; Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro National park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Massai village, the highest peak of Africa Mt Kilimanjaro and many more beautiful attractions. Tanzania is also famous for its greatest natural migration of wildebeests. It has the best grassland in the world with Serengeti plains. Tanzania is the country worth visiting for a Safari!

Considering The Right Season And Months

While going through a journey witnessing the ever changing landscapes, best wildlife visibility, wonderful bird watching. You will never want to miss it. However, before travelling you will need to make a bit of plan to make your trip more magical and memorable. Most the animals can be found in dry seasons. Find list of right seasons month by month:

  • January: The weather is hot and it’s dry in most of the areas including on Mount Kilimanjaro and this warm season would be ideal to scale the mountain.
  • February: The weather remains hot but in parts of the country you can experience rainfall, which means you can see a lot of green landscapes, flowers and a lot of birds. This is the wildebeest calving season.
  • March: The long rains are in wing now and it almost rains every day. You can witness largest barbeque festival of east Africa.
  • April: The rains began to taper although most of the country remains wet. Greeneries around, wild flowers fragrance and chirping birds. This makes a delightful time to travel only if you can avoid mud.
  • June: When the rain ends, the breeze is clear and landscapes are beginning to dry out now. This is the best time to witness wildebeest migration Tanzania Safari Tours.
  • July: Cool and dry, July makes the start of peak travel season with higher prices. It is an optimal wildlife watching month with beautiful vegetation.
  • August: Dry weather continues and the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration continues. You can watch wildlife everywhere now.
  • October: The weather is mostly dry throughout now. It is still the fine time to watch wildlife.
  • November: Increasing in temperatures is migrated now and rains start to drizzle in many areas. It is still a travel time before the holiday travel high season.
  • December: The dry weather brings many visitors. It’s an ideal time to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and see wildebeests in the southern Serengeti.

Taking The Right Wearable With You

As you are travelling to a country mainly focusing on Safari, you will need to take the right wearables with you. Carry something which can cover your body completely and avoid exposing clothes; you will not be comfortable wearing jeans and heavy clothes, carry some clothes which can prevent you from sun burn. Here are few list of wearable’s which you can carry:

  • Long sleeve shirt and Tank tops.
  • Jacket with lot of pockets.
  • Warm and comfortable pants.
  • A pair of shorts.
  • A hat and sunglasses.
  • A swimsuit.
  • A pair of good boots.
  • A pair of sandals and socks.
  • Warm clothing.

Be Selective While Choosing The Safari Vehicle

Yes, selecting a Safari vehicle would make difference in your Tanzania Safari Tours, as the main focus is on wildlife watching and you will need to choose a Safari vehicle in a way that you will be able to watch all the wildlife and never miss any. There are few consideration of safari vehicle on which you can rely on are:

  • Land cruisers: These are the most ideal Tanzania Safari vehicles and with its convertible roof top give you an experience of beautiful wildlife watching. One vehicle would be comfortable for a group of 6 people. It is also equipped with long distance radio. If there is any problem on the safari, your driver can immediately handle the situation as he is professionally trained and has the expertise. He also can use the long distance radio with operational office.
  • Canvas Top: With this canvas top 4x4 vehicles you can roll the canvas and enjoy the freedom of watching wildlife in any seat of your vehicle.

Choosing The Accommodation

The best way to choose accommodation is to choose a tent near the National parks or lodges, choosing camps near the water sources to witness more wildlife activities. However, most the tour operators offer best accommodations. If you are in Tanzania then you can choose Tanzania Accommodation according to your budget and luxury. There is Arusha Hotel, Tarangire lodge, Lake Manyara Lodge, karatu lodge, Lake Eyasi lodge, Ngorongoro lodge, Zanzibar hotels and many more to stay in.

Choosing The Best Season And Destination According To Your Wildlife Preference  

This is the important part of consideration while going on a Safari In Africa. You will need to choose your destination on the basis of your wildlife watching preferences.

  • Tanzania – January to February, as the Great Migration of wildebeest and calving start between January and March in southern Serengeti. And, river crossing between July and August. You can find cheetahs, Hyenas, wild dogs, Elephants, Lions and most of the wildlife.
  • South Africa – March to April is the best time to visit considering the pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Kruger National Park is the main attraction here. You can find all the Big five and many more animals.
  • Namibia – March to April as the herds of elephants traverse the dessert at this time and April would be a dry season and good to visit. You can also find antelope, zebra and even lions.
  • Zimbabwe – May would be the transitional month with elements of both wet and dry season. The land looks lush and green! During June the days are warm and pleasant. This time is the peak time for safaris.  You can look out for lions, leopards, rhinos, zebras, elephants and more.
  • Rwanda - July to August would be the right time to visit as it is the dry season and gorilla trekking can be done due to dry conditions.
  • Ghana – September to October as this is the dry season in Ghana and bird watchers can love going to Kakum National Park.
  • Uganda – November to December is the best time to go to Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda.

So, here we have shared an idea which will help while going on a safari to Africa. With the help of you this consideration, you can plan your next Safari with Great Migration Safaris and we will be more than happy to welcome you and take you to the safari tour around the wilderness of Tanzania!

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