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Tanzania Birding Safari: A Unique Way To Explore The Flying Beauty Of Africa

  • By Great Migration Safaris
  • October, 2019
Tanzania Birding

The fluttering wings and sing-song voices of birds are something that will welcome you anytime you visit Tanzania. These beautiful creations of god add more spice to the beauty of Tanzania. Many bird lovers in the whole world admire Tanzania for its unique bird attraction.

There are more than 16 national parks and game reserves one can spot in Tanzania out of which every national park comes with a different birding attraction. So while planning for Tanzania safari keep in mind it’s not all about watching the animals and furious big cats in action; it is also about spotting some colorful feathers, dancing legs and singing voices.

If you are an avid bird lover then a Tanzania birding Safari can fill senses with happiness and surprises as well as your album with some of the stunning bird’s pictures.

Species of birds available in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the iconic countries of Africa when it comes to meet different species of birds. From the legendary Ngorongoro Crater to the endless plains of Serengeti and other national parks resting in the country is home to more than 1100 bird species. Out of which many are endemic and many come for migration.

Best Places to Sight the Birds

Tanzania Birding

There are 2,500 different species of birds are available in the whole African continent out of which 1100 Bird species are available in Tanzania only. So, it’s one of the adorable destinations to plan a birding safari

Not only different species, but Tanzania Birding tour will also allow you to meet some of the endemic species which is not possible to find anywhere on earth. The country is a habitat rich that offers many different sub-species.

However, one can spot birds in the sky of Tanzania almost at any place but we have enlisted few places that are truly best for Tanzania Birding Safari Experience, here is a list of must-visit places.

  • Lake Manyara – 400 bird species are recorded
  • Lake Natron – The alkaline lake that is home to many bird species
  • Serengeti National Park – Home to 500 bird species the national park is the most stunning place for a bird safari out of which 5 species are endemic
  • Tarangire National Park –  The national park is another iconic place with 500 bird species
  • Selous Game Reserve – The best place in the southern circuit for bird watching

Endemic Of Birds Found in Tanzania

Endemic birds of Tanzania

Out of 1100 bird species found in Tanzania, 22 species are endemic which means they can only be spotted in Tanzania. As well as 43 bird species are near-endemic that are spotted only in Tanzania and few of its neighboring countries.

Here is the list of the endemic birds of Tanzania:-

  • Ashy starling
  • Banded green sunbird
  • Fischer's lovebird
  • Grey-breasted spurfowl
  • Iringaakalat
  • Kilombero weaver
  • Loveridge's sunbird
  • Moreau's sunbird
  • Mrs Moreau's warbler
  • Pemba green pigeon
  • Pemba scops owl
  • Pemba sunbird
  • Pemba white-eye
  • Rufous-tailed Weaver
  • Rufous-winged sunbird
  • Tanzania seedeater
  • Tanzanian red-billed hornbill
  • Udzungwa forest partridge
  • Uluguru bush-shrike
  • Usambaraakalat
  • Usambara eagle owl
  • Usambara weaver

Tips to see More Birds and Have More Fun

Birds flying

If you are planning for Tanzania birding Safari make sure to adopt a few techniques that will help you to spot more birds during your visit. Below given are few techniques-

Be quiet

Don’t make unnecessary noise. Try to maintain as much as possible quietness so that birds won’t get frightened and can be more easily visible.

Avoid sudden movements

Birds are usually shy and fearful. So any sudden movement can make them feel afraid and they will immediately evacuate the place. So try to avoid any kind of sudden movement. 

• Avoid bright clothes

Try to get blend with nature. The best way to do so is by choosing soothing natural color clothes. Try wearing colors such as light green and khaki colors that won’t be much eye-catching to the birds. Bright colors in Tanzania birding Safari is highly advisable to avoid.

Be Patient

It’s been said the best things need time so try learning to keep patience. Birds are quite shy so watching them in action can be difficult. Spend a few times in the lap of nature and keep some patience to have a great view.

Have the sun on your back

bird sitting on the branch

If you are looking for witnessing Tanzania Birding tour at its best and capturing some of the great moments with the birds choose the morning time or the evening time. Morning and evening are the best time when birds are in action like this the time when they collect food and play and try attracting their partners.

If you are looking for capturing some of these glittering birds then also try to capture it in the right direction where the sun shouldn’t come in between the bird and you. As usual, the picture quality won’t be clear as due to sunray a shadow can come in the captured photos.

• Try phishing

It is a unique but an easy method that is mostly done by those who want to capture these pretty feathers in camera. While clicking pictures try to imitate their voice to capture their attraction. It helps to spot them more clearly to capture in camera.

The technique of phishing is not that hard and mostly birders learn some of the techniques to attract birds. The techniques mostly include soft whistles, tongue clicks, or few noises that sound somewhat similar to that bird’s sound which you want to attract.

Try avoiding making these noises in areas where they have their nest, or they keep their egg, or if the bird is a rare one. Also never practice phishing if bird counting is going on.

Choosing the Right Season to Enjoy Most

choosing the right Season

Choosing the right season is truly important for a better bird watching in Tanzania. As Tanzania is a country that is located very close to the equator the climate of the country is mostly unexpected. Usually, it’s considered that the dry season is good for visiting Tanzania but the short rain time can also be better if you are planning for a Tanzania Birding Safari as there are a lot of migrating birds can be spotted in the rainy season.

November to April is best for bird watching safari. This duration of the year offers a great experience of meeting the migrated birds that comes from Europe and Northern Africa.  

Tanzania is a country that is not only a great place for wildlife lovers; Tanzania Birding Safari is also an iconic factor which attracts many tourists to the country. While you are in Tanzania you can spot many rarest species of birds.

Plan your Tanzania Birding tour with Great Migration Safaris to have the best Tanzania Birding Safari Experience during your Tanzania Safari trip.

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