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10 Lesser Known Facts About Zanzibar That Will Surely Inspire You To Visit

  • By Great Migration Safaris
  • November, 2019
Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Adding beach holidays to your adventurous safari package will keep you stunned and refreshed.

So, either you go for tourism, safari, or mountain climbing, do anything in Tanzania, But for an energetic startup of your daily routine, you should opt Tanzania Beaches.

Zanzibar is the African continent island that comes under country Tanzania.

Some of the most emerging beach beauty of the world can be experienced during Zanzibar Beach Holidays.

In ancient times this place was much popular among the traders for various precious things present in it.

Here are 10 facts that you should know to have a better understanding of Zanzibar Island:

1.       It is not a Single Island

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Zanzibar is not a single island, it’s an archipelago, which means that it is a chain of the island. Zanzibar archipelago is located over the bluish Indian Ocean with several awe-inspiring beaches.

Several islands are combined named as Unguja, Pemba, Latham, Mafia, Bawe, Changuu, Chumbee, Mnemba, Tumbatu, Uzi, Vundwe, Fundo, Kashani, and Najo Island.

2.      Zanzibar is Spice Hub of Africa

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

If people consider Zanzibar Island as the spice hub of Africa, then there is a valid reason behind it. There are many farms here, where you can see various spices are cultivated in high quantities.

Zanzibar is known as the spice hub, there is a valid reason behind it.

If you are a foodie then this is the best location for you. It is so because here you can get the taste of different countries' cuisines.

You can easily taste and purchase some of the spices to take home from the spice market of Spice Island.

Spice is the key jewel that attracted Vasco Da Game to discover Zanzibar Island. From here you can get the spices at a cheaper price during Zanzibar Holidays.

3.      The Historic Stone Town is not the Capital of Zanzibar

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Stone town is the capital attraction of Zanzibar. As it is having some most valuable memories of history.

Though Zanzibar City is the capital of Zanzibar. It is located at Unguja Island having breathtaking architectural beauty. The best thing is that both of these popular places are included in your Zanzibar Beach Holidays.

4.      First Country to Introduce Color Television in Africa

This fact seems to be surprising, isn’t it?

Yes!!! This is true that the first television in Africa has been introduced in Zanzibar Island in the year 1974.

During those time only two languages were broadcasted English and Swahili. Most of the local programs and international news were broadcasted during that time.

5.      Due to Proximity Equator, It has Equal Day & Night Cycle throughout the Year

One of the interesting facts about Zanzibar Island is situated over the equator. You can also stand on the line of equator dividing North and South Pole.

As the central line of the earth passes through this island, so this place experiences equal day and night throughout the year. Moreover, this island experiences the rainy season twice a year.

6.      Zanzibar is a Blend Pot of Arabic African & European Heritages

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

If you roll back in time then you will get to know that during the ancient era, Zanzibar was the meeting point of traders around the world. 

So, during your Zanzibar Beach Holidays, you can explore the food and culture of this region.

Generally, you can also find the temples, churches, and mosques over here. If you meet with the locals then you can find the combination of Arabic, European, Jewish, Indian, and African.

7.      Jozani Forest is the only forest on the Island

Jozani National Park is the only part of Zanzibar with wildlife. Here you can observe various species of primates, butterflies, and birds and many more.

Every year this place experiences thousands of visitors. You can also view more than 40 species of birds and butterflies in this forest.

8.      One and only Rock Restaurant

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

If you visit the rock restaurant then you will get to know that its name is originated from the way it has been built.

Zanzibar is having its unique style of representing everything, so this restaurant is not an exception which is made over a small rocky island.

Better you can have a cup of coffee or tea in this restaurant during your Zanzibar Holidays.

9.      Zanzibar was not a tourist attraction until 1995

Zanzibar was just a simple island before 1965, as it wasn’t having many hotels or any activity.

After 1990 when Zanzibar collaborated with the Republic of Tanzania then it built hundreds of hotels and restaurants. This development increased employment at a higher rate.

According to the latest research, it is being said that up-to-the year 202o, Zanzibar will play a crucial role in strengthening the economy of east Africa.

10.    Zanzibar is a Semi-Autonomous Part of Tanzania.

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

After the independence of Zanzibar in 1963, this place was considered to be a country.

But after a few years of freedom, it combined with another nation Tanzania. Currently, this whole body is being governed by the Tanzania Government.

Moreover, Zanzibar Beach Holidays can be booked in a single package with Tanzania Safari.

So, here we can say that Zanzibar is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Every year people come here in solo, group and couple to enjoy its breathtaking beaches.

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