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10 Incredible Photos That Will Inspire You To Plan A Vacation For Tanzania

  • By Great Migration Safaris
  • October, 2019
Tanzania safari photos

Tanzania is the safari heart of Africa, more than 1,093,000 travelers coming for Tanzania safari Tours every year. The count is just increasing day-by-day. If you think Tanzania Safari is all about watching animals walking down the aisle free then you are completely wrong.

It’s not a place for wildlife lovers only. It’s a country suitable for a family holiday to luxury visitors, from honeymooners to photography aspirants, from trekkers to culture lovers. It has to offer something for every kind of taste.

Nowadays the camera and traveling have become incomplete without each other. So we have chosen 10 stunning pictures from the lenses that have captured the breath-taking moments in pictures. It will surely make you pack your bag and book tickets for a Tanzania Vacation on your next holiday.


Wildebeest Migratin

The Great Migration Of Serengeti

 The great migration of Serengeti is an incredible action that happens over Tanzania that has stunned many nature and wildlife experts. Every year the largest herds of various species of antelopes move towards the Masai Mara region of Kenya together.

 It’s is the largest animal movement happen on the planet. Hence it has named Great Migration. As the wildebeest participates in the migration and has the largest concentration it’s sometimes called as great wildebeest migration.

Towards the end of the short rainy season during April or May, this incredible journey starts. There are 1.5 million wildebeest followed by zebras, and other antelopes move towards Masai Mara in search of food. The ecosystem of Serengeti truly depends upon this incredible journey. Not only the plain games but also it’s the best time to watch the predators in action as they follow the antelopes to hunt.


Lion in Serengeti

Lions In Action

Serengeti national park is the most highlighted national park in the country. The national park tops the bucket list of the travelers coming for safari vacation to the country. Once upon a time, the vast treeless plain of the Serengeti area was used by the ancient tribal group of Massai people. However, after 1959, the British colonial decided to move the Massai's from there.

 The national park truly seems like a place where savannah land runs forever with very few tall trees. The other places such as the Ngorongoro conservation area, Ruaha National Park, Selous Game reserve etc are ideal for watching these most furious predators of African bushes; lions.

 If you are someone planning to meet the king of predators in the bushes of Africa, then plan your Tanzania Safari with Great Migration safaris.


Black Rhino with a calf

Spotting The Rare Black Rhinos At Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is another destination your Tanzania safari Tours will take you to. The conservation area has a large unbroken caldera that is the largest natural caldera in the world. Due to the natural caldera, the beauty and diverse wilderness the conservation area is declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

A conservation area is a great place for spotting many iconic animals but black rhinos are the most incredible ones of them. These endangered animals are losing their numbers very fast. However, the govt. is taking various steps to save them, but due to the demand of their horns, they are getting killed.

Currently, almost 50 black Rhinos can be spotted in the Ngorongoro Conservation areas which are in 24 hours of camera surveillance within the carter area. One rhino in the conservation area named Fausta is believed the oldest in the world. It is 54 years old. If you want to meet some of these vanishing species plan your Tanzania vacation to Ngorongoro Conservation Area.


elephant herd in Tarangire park

A Large Herd Of Elephant In Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is one of the iconic national parks of the Northern circuit of Tanzania. The national park though offers much attraction but mostly known for its highest elephant concentration. Named as the elephant’s playground the national park is an excellent place to plan Tanzania Safari for year-round game watching.

Between August to October are the best times to witness the largest elephant herds in the national park. It’s claimed that the national park holds the highest elephant’s numbers in Tanzania. Due to the large concentration elephants can be spotted throughout the 20,000 square kilometers of the park.

Apart from the rhinos that are critically endangered the national park hosts all most all species of other animals you wish to see. You can meet some big cats, giraffes, fringe-eared oryx, greater kudu, and a great array of birdlife in Tarangire.   


cheetah ready for a chase

Spotting The Stunning Wildlife Actions

While planning Tanzania safari Tours mostly the safari enthusiasts get truly excited about watching the predators in action. Hunting in their natural habitat, stalking, catching, killing, and feasting is what their daily lives revolve around. The game of running happens in each moment in some corners of the country.

There are almost all furious and deadliest animals you can spot inside the national parks of the country. Especially the northern circuit national parks like Serengeti, Tarangire, Arusha, Lake Manyara, and more offers a great display of these action plans.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing To The Roof Of Africa

Do you think Tanzania is all about visiting the national park and tracking down the game? Then you will probably get sunned to know each year more than 30,000 travelers come to Tanzania for hiking. Yes, the country is blessed with many natural wonders and the highest volcanic peak of the African Continent Kilimanjaro is one of them.

Acquiring 5,895m height the mountain resides in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa. Not only is Africa’s highest point but also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The stunning peak of Tanzania is also the largest volcanic peak in the world. 

Kilimanjaro climbing is a dream to almost all the mountain lovers throughout the world. Another reason for its high popularity is the hiking offered by the mountain is a non-technical one. With good physical endurance and mental strength,, anyone can hike the mountain without any proper mountaineering skill. 


Mount Meru

Trekking The Incredible Mount Meru

Mount Meru is another high volcanic peak the country has to offer. Known as the little brother of Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru reaches up to 4566 meters above sea level. Situated about 780 Kilometres west to Kilimanjaro the mountain is the 5th highest peak of the country. The excellent view and the great wildlife exposure drive hikers crazy to attempt the summit.

Mostly those people who want to hike Kilimanjaro try first hiking Mt. Meru as a warm-up. Few trekkers say Mt. Meru is more challenging than Mt. Kilimanjaro and also really quiet ambiance to the trekkers. The foothill of the mountain is covered by the iconic Arusha National Park that boasts a great wildlife and birdlife view.


Sun rise on Kilimanjaro

Beautiful Sunrise On The Highest Peak Of Africa

If you are excited about capturing some best views of Tanzania then one of them is the sunrise on Kilimanjaro. Acquiring 5,895m height, the highest peak of Tanzania offers many stunning picturesque. Usually, the sun rises nearly 6 am to 6.20 am on the iconic Kilimanjaro. As you hike up and up the temperature just goes down to an unimaginable level. While the nights become chilly like ice-cold the sun in the morning gives a feeling of true mental peace to the trekkers encouraging them to prepare for the hike for the day.

The blissful scene of golden sunrise on the roof of Africa can be one of the unforgettable memories of your life. Most of the photographers or those who love capturing their moments tend to capture the sunrise in their lenses to keep the memory fresh.     


BIrds of tanzania

Watching The Endemic Birds Of Tanzania

Tanzania isn’t all about the volcanic peaks and wildlife roaming in the country’s national parks. If you are a vivid bird watcher then Tanzania can stun you with its 1,1oo bird species. Out of them, there are 800 bird species which are residents to Tanzania, more than 200 are migrated and 22 species are endemic. You can only spot them during your Tanzania Safari Tours, not at any corner of the world. Here is the list of endemic bird species of Tanzania;

  1. Banded Sunbird
  2. Grey-breasted
  3. Spurfowl
  4. Kilombero Weaver
  5. Kengeri Seedeater
  6. Loveridge’s Sunbird
  7. Moreau’s Sunbird
  8. Mrs. Moreau’s Warbler
  9. Northern Mountain Greenbul
  10. Southern Mountain Greenbul
  11. Pemba Green-Pigeon
  12. Pemba Scops-Owl
  13. Reichenow’s Batis
  14. Rufous-tailed Weaver
  15. Rufous-winged Sunbird
  16. South Pare White-eye
  17. Udzunga Forest Partridge
  18. Uluguru Bushshrike
  19. Usambara Akalat
  20. Usambara Weaver
  21. Uluguru Mountain Greenbul
  22. Usambara Eagle-Owl


Incredible Landscape

Incredible Landscape With An Array Of Flora And Fauna

The country offers an unimaginable diverse landscape having incredible flora and fauna life. From the endless plains of Serengeti‘s savannah field to the beaches of Zanzibar; Tanzania offers many diverse landscapes. Beautiful vistas are ruling in each step inside the country. Exploring the Usambara Mountains and taking a break in the chain of mountains gives your eyes peaceful lush greenery.

The protected world heritage sites like Ngorongoro Conservation Area to Tarangire national Park to other prime national parks the wildlife is truly untamed. From the snow-covered peak of the mountain, Kilimanjaro to the Ol Doinyo Lengai’s, which is known as the weirdest volcano of Tanzania will surprise you. Saane National Park is considered as the biological surprise of Tanzania that offers a breath-taking view flora world, birds, and butterflies.   

Here we present 10 iconic pictures and wonder of Tanzania Safari Tours that is enough to run a chill down your spine. No matter you are looking for adventure, game drive, hiking, or beach vacation; a Tanzania Safari is an answer to all your needs. If you are looking for discovering more in less time in your Tanzania Safari, then make sure to choose an experienced travel partner like Great Migration Safari.  We have expertise in planning safari, trekking, beach vacation, and everything that you need.

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